Happiness, Freedom & Courage


Independence Day has become a day of celebrations with family & friends, all decorated with picnics and barbecues, fireworks and parades. This year Independence Day took on a new meaning for me. The start of this year was very challenging, it forced me to examine many aspects of my life. Did I have the courage to be who I want to be? Did I have the courage to live the life I want to live?  I consider myself one tough cookie, so the answer to the question was yes.

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage” – Thucydides

Life has challenges, obstacles to overcome, large and small. It can be difficult to figure out the appropriate path to take. My wish for you today, is to find the courage to listen to your own inner voice and trust your choices, ultimately this will lead you to a life of happiness. This blog is a reflection of my happiness and the courage it took to be free. Happy Independence Day!


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  1. That is a FANTASTIC take on approaching life with a winning attitude! Good for you, ma’am- We would all do well to follow that same philosophy.

  2. This is everything! I can relate so much to you on this article! Thank you for taking the courage to live your dreams & start this blog! 🙌🏾

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