Community Spotlight: Atlanta Community Food Bank

Hey ATL ! Last week, I wanted you to take time out of your busy schedule to visit an elderly love one. Well I’m asking for another favor :), to take time to volunteer with an organization of your choice. With our busy schedules, it can be tough to make volunteering a priority. But guys, it is NEEDED and VALUABLE. The first payoff for us, is that it feels good to help someone in need. Second, why not make your community better, it can have a huge impact with just a little investment of your time. Believe me, I’m not preaching to you this evening, because I had to get off my ass and do the same thing.

                                                          Sunday, I made it a priority to give a little of my time with the Atlanta Community Food Bank (Food Sorting/Product Rescue Center). The ACFB partners with more than 600 nonprofit organizations (food pantries, community kitchens, shelters & senior centers) to provide over 60 million meals. These organizations provide food to people with low income who suffer from hunger and food insecurity.

I had a great time meeting new people, giving my time and doing something in my community. The mission to end hunger is a passion of mine. I ask that you find your passion or what matters to you in your community and help someone in need ATL.

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  1. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! I am going to get off my ass right away and I’ll let you know what I’ve found to do! Nice going : )

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