Friday Music Vibes (Throwback)

FINALLY it’s Friday! So go ahead and make this day ridiculously amazing! And tell all the negative people trying to kill your vibe:

But you all know, I want to know……What were you vibing to this week? I happen to here CeCe Peniston’s “Finally” on the radio and I lost it! I LOVED this song when it was out in 1991 (OMG….getting old). “Finally” took over and dominated in the clubs: Club Kaya and Club 112 (all my ATLiens know what I’m talking about!). This song really put a pep in my step this week and brought back a lot of good memories. So ATL, let me know what you’re listening to and get your happy on, it’s Friday!!

** “Finally” debuted as the theme song for the Wendy Williams new fall season 9, a couple of days ago. Love it!


2 Replies to “Friday Music Vibes (Throwback)”

  1. Ok, Club Kaya and Club 112! A few of us that came down to Hotlanta from up top remember those 2 : )

    Nice call!

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