Friday Music Vibes

Hey ATL! We made it through another week and it’s time to relax or party. Whatever you choose to do, I want you to have a good time doing it! So if you’ve had a hectic week, take a moment & exhale because better days are coming….they are called Saturday and Sunday:)

And you’ve got the hang of this by now…..ATL what have you been vibing to this week? I get a lot of comments through twitter, but I would love for us to take it to the blog, so that we can share our thoughts & discuss. I’ve been listening to the one & only Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall”. I think this is the perfect song to end the week! Words can not begin to fully express my love for Michael Jackson’s talent, there will never be another.. NEVER.

So like Mike said “Gotta leave that 9 to 5 up on the shelf and just enjoy yourself… live your life off the wall”. I know that’s what I’m going to do!

***Man, I miss talent like that!





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