Friday Music Vibes

OMG! It’s Friday and I am ecstatic! The start of this week left a bad taste in my mouth, with the Charlottesville tragedy. But ATL, we are going to keep pressing forward and enjoy our Friday. This weekend, embrace your blessings and live life to the fullest. Life is a precious gift, take the time to appreciate every minute of it.

And on that note, Atlanta what have you been vibing to this week? I listen to a lot of music and there are tons of things that catch my ear. What I miss most about music, is the variety & uniqueness. When you find someone who is willing to get out of the box & bring something different…it can be a beautiful thing.

I’ve been vibing to Anderson .Paak’s “Come Down”. This singer, songwriter, drummer from Oxnard, California is someone to watch. If you like the sound of real instruments with a funky groove, then I believe this is the vibe for you! Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

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