Friday Music Vibes

Whew Atlanta! We made it! We made it! It’s Friday and I am very happy about that! What are you doing this weekend Atlanta? What I want you to do, is treat yourself! In the spirit of making the most of your weekend, take this time to really spoil yourself. I want this weekend to be all about YOU! I want you to do this because so often, we forget about ourselves, thinking about everyone else. So go on and get to planning, use this weekend to reward yourself for being AMAZING!

Ok, now that we have plans to love on ourselves, I want to know what have you been vibing to! I have been getting my dancehall groove on to “Everyone Falls in Love Sometimes” by Tanto Metro and Devonte. This is one of my favorite reggae songs, that I play over & over again! This is another song that brings back memories of my clubbing days & dancing until you couldn’t move the next day! As a matter of fact, listening to this song has me thinking of planning my next trip back to Jamaica……Well Atlanta, go take care of you, do something great and have a wonderful weekend!


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