Friday Music Vibes

Hello Atlanta! It’s Friday and we made through this very difficult week. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the Las Vegas tragedy. I’ve been really trying to find logical reasoning in the gun laws that we have and I haven’t been able to…so I will just get off it, in this moment. This is about being thankful that we made through the week and that is a lot to be thankful for Atlanta!

Ok, so what was your vibe this week? Well I still love this song and have still been in Caribbean mode. I’ve been jamming to Sia ft. Sean Paul -“Cheap Thrills”. This Australian singer-songwriter has a great voice and I really dig her music. I also love “Chandelier”, a melancholy song about battling alcoholism (which she has spoken out about overcoming). I love when an artist is not afraid & real about their journey.

Well that’s it for me, this has been an exhausting week & I am ready for the weekend! I hope you have a relaxing, wonderful, fabulous weekend and do what makes you happy!


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  1. Love to head into the weekend in the right mind! My vote for this week is “N###A WE MADE IT!” Too much? I’m sorry : )

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