Friday Music Vibes

Wow Atlanta! This week flew by! But that’s ok, because I’m ready for the weekend! I hope your week was filled with good energy, positive thoughts and good vibes. If you’ve had a bad week, take this weekend to relax & rejuvenate and remember:

Positive mind + Positive vibes = Positive Life

And if someone is not bringing the positive vibes your way, you know what you have to do. As Beyoncé says…”to the left, to the left”,  take that some place else, because we don’t do negative vibes around here! I’m just saying…

Well Atlanta, I’m gonna make this short and get to the point. You know what I wanna know…what have you been vibing too? Have you been listening to anything good? Have you heard anything new that you’re digging? I’ve been listening to Janet Jackson’s “Damn Baby”. It took a minute to grow on me, but I’m definitely feeling it now! I’m very glad she got back with her producers, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. They seem to work magic for her like no one else and at 51 years old….she looks GREAT! That’s how you do it!

Atlanta have a great & wonderful weekend! I’m wishing you much love & good vibes!

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