Friday Music Vibes

Happy Friday Atlanta! Even though I will be very busy this weekend, I am looking forward to it! I’m sure many of you will be getting ready for Thanksgiving: traveling, grocery shopping, cleaning & preparing for guests, or better yet preparing to eat & drink! But in the midst of preparing for the holiday, you know what I want you to do……TAKE CARE OF YOU! This is a message I like to repeat over & over again, because it’s important. No one is going to take care of you, better than you. So this holiday, we are going to pamper ourselves (and don’t forget to rescue some wine out of the bottle), be grateful & thankful. No mater what, there is always something to be thankful for, so find it. Because someone is thankful for way less than what you have.

Ok, now that’s done. What are you grooving to? What’s your new jam? I heard a new song last week that’s hittin. I have been getting hyped listening to Pharrell’s N.E.R.D & Rhianna “Lemon” . Ok, this is my ratchet side. (and don’t even act like you don’t have a little ratchetness inside, that like some ratchet music). This is my jam… Rhi Rhi spittin a rap verse on y’all! and of course the beat is on point, because it’s Pharrell. So check it out, it will definitely get you moving. Ok Atlanta, enjoy your weekend & Thanksgiving holiday! Please be safe & enjoy your friends and loved ones. Peace!


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