Friday Music Vibes

ATL, you know what? I’m glad it’s Friday! My week has been VERY BUSY, but it’s all good. Productive, getting some things off my list, making progress & staying focused! You hear me ATL, staying focused. This is the time when you start making plans, getting ready for the new year and getting hyped about your goals. Let’s see if we can keep that momentum going, well into the year……

Yep! Absolute truth, we make time for the things that are important. Action speaks louder than words and we know some people can just run their mouths & don’t do a damn thing! You know what I’m saying…so let’s not be that! Ok good, moving on to my favorite part…… What have you been vibing to this week? I find myself blasting the radio when this song comes on! I’ve been grooving to Chris Brown’s “Questions”, from his album: Heartbreak on a Full Moon. It was an instant fav because of my love for the original song this was sampled from. For all you youngsters out there, this samples Kevin Lyttle’s “Turn Me On” dancehall classic. I have to give it to him, he made it his own & the boy can dance, but the original is King. I’ll let you decide and if you haven’t heard the original, check it out.

Well Atlanta, that’s what’s popping on my end. As always, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your space & keep the negative out. Peace!

The original:



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