Friday Music Vibes: Throwback

Hey now! It’s a great Friday y’all, feeling good, feeling fine! The holidays are approaching and I’m feeling blessed! Blessed to be able to give to those who are less fortunate, to me that’s what the holidays are for. While you’re in the giving spirit, please be careful and picky about who you choose to give your money to. Take the time to examine an organization & figure out where and why you want to give your hard earn money to them. There are many organizations here in ATL, that would appreciate every dime and you can feel good about your money being put to good use. Also a BIG SHOUT OUT to all who gave for the #GivingTuesday on Nov. 28th, soooo proud of you Georgia! 🙂

Alright let’s get into this music vibe thang…What have you been vibing to? I’m taking you back with a song that was all over the place & was the jam (just ask Ellen DeGeneres), she cracks me up with her dancing! I have been getting my groove on with Flo Rider “Low”- ft T-Pain. This song will still make you move something, I love it! So Atlanta, enjoy your weekend, get your groove on, GIVE and as always…..keep the negative out! Peace!

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