Friday Music Vibes

What’s up ATL? Happy New Year and all that good stuff! Ok, how many of you have fallen off the wagon from your new year’s resolution? Well if you have, don’t feel bad or beat yourself up. I have found that you’re more likely to stick to positive resolutions, rather than restrictive ones. For instance, “I’m never drinking again” vs. “I will limit my alcohol to 2 drinks when I go out”. We all get so excited and want to make huge changes instantly, but making important life changes usually takes great planning and time. We are not perfect, so get up and try again….

So with that Atlanta, lighten up a bit and take baby steps to a new you. My simple suggestion and this is something we all can handle: Live, Love & Laugh to the fullest and take care of yourself. When you are happy & feel good, you are a better person for others.

Ok so, new year and looking forward to new music, good music! So what have you been vibing to? I’ve been getting my little Latin groove on to Camila Cabello “Havana” featuring Atlanta’s own Young Thug, taking us to East Atlanta, na-na-na! She was part of the girl group Fifth Harmony, now solo and the departure from the group has created tension & gossip! But anyway, I love the song, very catchy, makes me want to take salsa lessons…hmmmm.

Alright people, that’s it for me…Have a great & extra wonderful weekend! Peace….





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