Sanguine Views of Life

What’s going on people? I wanted to take a little of your time and share what’s on my mind today. I usually do a lot of thinking in my car, driving here and there (and with Atlanta traffic, that’s plenty of time). As I was driving, I heard a song that moved me to share this with you today. Almost bringing me to tears, I remembered how much I love this song & how it got me through a lot of tough days. As a very YOUNG parent, I had my share of tough days and setbacks. Being a very spiritual person, I always believed in my ability to succeed and come out better, stronger than before. Believing that I can always pick my self up, dust myself off and get back on track…. AND SO CAN YOU.

We all face tough days or times, that’s life… but how you deal with those times are completely up to you. My simple steps when facing tough situations: Stop, Breathe, Gain Perspective & Focus. Take care of your spirit & guard it from negativity, whatever you consider spiritual for you (organized religion, meditation, prayer, reading inspirational materials), do it! Be positive, keep fighting and know when to put your pride aside and accept love & support. Whatever you need to do to keep your head to the sky and be optimistic!

This is one of my favorite, favorite songs….”Optimistic” by Sounds of Blackness, but I heard a cover by August Greene-(consist of Common, Robert Glasper & Karriem Riggins) featuring Brandy. This is dope! I love it! Check it out and let me know what you think.


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