Taking A Pause for The Cause!

Hey everyone! I know, I know! Some inquiring minds want to know, what’s up with you & where have you been. Well I have been adding things to my plate & now I have to take a pause on my blog (as you can see). I started this blog almost a year ago and I honestly had no idea it would open the doors to meeting so many people! I always knew that if you spread love & good energy it will come back to you. I have some things I’m working on & very excited about! (hint: it combines two things I love: my city & helping others). So for now, I’m taking a pause for a great cause! I will occasionally share articles promoting talented people with something to say and you can still find me on twitter. 🙂 I firmly believe that if you want to do anything worth a damn, you can’t do every damn thing!

So that’s it for now! I’m bursting with excitement and gratitude!


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